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Friday, February 2, 2018

Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Part 1 mrcog pastpapers 1997-2009 and emqs collection with answers

part 1 mrcog pastpapers and answers 1997-2009





Paper 1 & 2 EMQs
In a country wide survey, 10 general practices were picked at random and
5% of patients were selected at random from each practice:
Ta) the sample of patients is a true random sample
Tb) all practices had an equal chance of selection
Tc) all patients had an equal chance of selection
Fd) two siblings could not have been selected
Te) inferences about all patients in the country may be drawn from the
sample A lady is about to deliver and you are about to give her a
pudendal block..
a) ant division of ant. remi of S2-4
b) ant division of post.rami of S2-4
b)genitofemoral nerve
c) post division of ant. remi of S2-4
d) post division of post. remi of S2-4
e) sensory supply of perineal nerve
f) inferior rectal nerve
g) ischial tuberosity
h)ischial spine
Q1 -wht is the root value of pudendal nerve?
Q2- wht nerve supplies lower part of vagina (I think)?
Q3 –why do u give local skin infiltration before episiotomy?
If we take the day of fertilization as Day’0’ then…
Day 8
Day 10
Day 14


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Tips for the exam-
Any advice to read the rcog guidelines and all the tog guidelines is a stupid advice because the human mind cannot retain so much information. And for example during this exam malaria in pregnancy only produce one emq question which was is mefloquine contraindicated in pregnancy - true of false and visitors from a malaria endemic country should continue prophylaxis for 8 weeks- true or false! Now this is a very small print stuff and stupid to read the whole guideline . Like finding and remembering the position of a needle in a haystack. My friends and i are compiling all the questions we remember and i will include it in your purchase. Mean all the emqs And mcqs in the march 2011 mrcog part 2 exam.
My advise on passing the exam .. Read as minimal as u can and only important things
Past papers -most useful all questions were similar just addition of new stems in the questions
Busyspr- only emqs useful and i have the full collection . All the options in the emq were exactly the same as the exam paper
On examination - useless
Reading tog - useless , better read my notes instead eg .u dont need to read the whole article on tog on botulinum toxin with urge incontinence if you knew that only one question came out in the mcqs that ask is botulinum toxin used in failed conservative management of urge incontinence dun waste your time
Rcog guidelines dont read everything . Read my compilation of the rcog bank to direct you to what is important and will coming out in the exam .

sample as below

Options for Questions 1-1
A Antihypertensive treatment B Insert central venous pressure line
C Intravenous magnesium sulphate D Measure serum aspartate transaminase immediately
E Measure serum magnesium F Transfer to intensive treatment unit
G Monitor patellar reflex every 15 minutes H Provide a fluid challenge with colloids
I Provide intravenous Hartmann's solution at the rate of 85ml per hour J Calculate the mean arterial blood pressure
K Immediate dose of 10ml 10% calcium gluconate intravenously L Carry out visual field assessment

Instrunctions:For each patient described below choose the single most appropriate initial treatment option from the list. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
CVP is high and the woman is anuric with markedly raised serum urea = renal failure. Risk of multi-system organ failure and ITU treatment indicated

Respiratory depression suggestive of magnesium toxicity: 10% calcium gluconate

Question 1 A 20-year-old primigravida delivered a live infant 24 hours previously. She has developed severe gestational proteinuric hypertension. Treatment with intravenous magnesium was required. Her fluid balance is satisfactory and serum urea, electrolytes and clotting profile are all normal. Her respiratory rate falls to 6 per minute and she is drowsy but rousable. K(Correct answer: K)

Options for Questions 2-2
A Intravenous labetalol B Immediate delivery by caesarean section
C Intravenous magnesium sulphate D Measure serum aspartate transaminase immediately
E Measure FBC and clotting profile F Blood transfusion
G Immediate induction of labour H Provide a fluid challenge with colloids
I Antihypertensive treatment J Administer iv phenytoin
K Measure 24h urine protein excretion L Arrange in-utero transfer to tertiary centre

Instrunctions:For each patient described below choose the single most appropriate management option from the list. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Delivery indicated but need results from FBC and clotting profile before proceeding

BP not controlled by oral therapy: iv therapy therefore necessary

Question 2 A 35 year old woman remains in hospital 4 days after induction of labour and spontaneous vaginal delivery at 36 weeks gestation. She had developed severe gestational proteinuric hypertension and hypertension has been difficult to control post-partum. Her BP is 170/110 on oral oxyprenolol, nifedipine and captopril. She complains of a severe headache and her BP 15 minutes later is 180/110. Her blood tests taken earlier in the day are normal. A(Correct answer: A) if u wish to buy all my set of compilation of emq and mcq and essays just email me at i will request 600 usd to be sent to my paypal then i will send to you my mrcog compilation then i will send it to u via email /dropbox

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to pass the essay

Look at the RCOG website for hot topics for past 4 months before the exam
if they are talking about heart disease
then hard disease may come out in your exam
do not trust spotted questions by others
it will not come out
trust me on this
This is NOT a english exam
You need a technique to save time and to put as many answers as you can
They say not to write list, but the only way to score maximum points in the very short time you have is to write list!! The trick is to add a few words to make it NOT a list
Bombastic sentences would waste your time and in the end does not add to your marks!!!!

Eg :
the management of PET
if list it would look like this:
fluid management
Prevent fits, intracranial bleed

In order not to look like list, USE short forms
I would admit the patient,
Fluid rescuscitation is key
I would start MGSO4

In the exam i saved more time my shortening i would by using I'd
eg. I'd admit the patient. She doesn't need MGSO4 if symptoms are absent or if hypertension is not severe.....etc.

Also another tip. IF you use brackets it DOES NOT COUNT AS A LIST.
Eg There are various risk factors that warrant aspirin (eg. Obesity, Long spacing, Chronic hypertension, Diabetes, primigravida, history of PET in family.)
This saves time and you got all the marks and it is NOT counted as a list!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

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thanks i know what your going through this is the hardest exam and obstacle you will ever encounter in your life but its well worth it trust me because im already there good luck another tip when talking to patients when breaking bad news during osce never say u understand what they are going through the actors are instructed to shout at u and say how could u ever understand its never happened to you!!! i learned this through the hard and embarassing way instead say i cant even begin to imagine what position u are in right now , it must be hard for you !!